Musique des Chambres
Label: LYRA - General Publishing Co S.A.
Year: 2007

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Track listing & info:

1. There was a poem (A)

2. Lord

3. There was a poem ()

4. The child and the bandits

5. And the memory of a sun

6. In a springtime meadow

7. Open up to me (Excerpted from "Song of Songs")

8. An evening (A)

9. Marguerite never arrived

10. Is anybody here?

11. Sasi ... - blues

12. You pass your life hidden

13. I

14. Yo

15. Ioanna's absurdities

16. Voyage

17. The space and the objects

18. An evening (B)

Heracles Vavatsikas - accordion
Dionisis Vervitsiotis - violin
Nikos Veliotis - cello
Michalis Siganides - double bass

Savina Yannatou, Giorgos Koropoulis, Pedro Olalla

Savina Yannatou, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Kostas Zafiris

Yannis Alexandris, Kostas Vomvolos

Photos: Giorgos Chrisohoides
Paintings: Emilia Bantouna
Artwork: Marili Kolia
Recording, mixing, mastering: Studio 19ST - Kostas Bokos

Producer: LYRA - General Publishing Co S.A.