Songs Of An Other
Label: ECM Records
Year: 2008

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Track listing & info:

1. Sareri hovin mermen (Armenia)

2. Za lioubih maimo tri momi (Pirin Macedonia, Bulgaria)

3. Smilj Smiljiana (Serbia)

4. Dunie-au (Kazakhstan)

5. O Yannis kai o drakos (Greece)

6. Albanian lullabye (Albania)

7. Omar hashem leyajoyv (Ashkenazic traditional)

8. Radile (Greece)

9. Sassuni oror (Armenia)

10. Addio amore (Italy)

11. Perperouna (Greece)

12. Ah, Marouli (Greece)

Savina Yannatou - voice
Kostas Vomvolos - qanun, accordion
Yannis Alexandris - oud, guitar
Kyriakos Gouventas - violin, viola
Harris Lambrakis - nay
Michalis Siganidis - double bass
Kostas Theodorou - percussion, double-bass

Recorded: October 2007
Sierra Studios, Athens, Greece

Engineer: Yannis Baxevanis
Edited and mixed:
April 2008 by
Yannis Baxevanis, Manfred Eicher, Kostas Vomvolos and Savina Yannatou
Cover photo: Thanos Hondros
Liner Photos: Edigio Magnani
Design: Sascha Kleis
Liner Photos: Edigio Magnani

An ECM Production

De Volkskrant, Netherlands
By Ton Maas
... Again she proves to be able to penetrate the soul of a song, of which most are gathered from far and near. Artfully she maneuvers between tradition and avant-garde sound eruptions, in virtuoso musicianship with her fixed ensemble, supported by the inventive arrangements of accordionist and qunun player Kostas Vomvolos.
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FONO FORUM / Germany
By Berthold Klostermann
November 2008
…The Greek singer Savina Yannatou is no folk interpreter in the narrow sense of the word. She has mastered the art of interpretation, full of expression she endows the forms with life, slips into roles and changes these with as little effort as she does switch the languages and vocal techniques she has made her own. Above all: she experiments. Beginning from traditional vocal styles, she explores the field of free improvisation. Her ensemble Primavera en Salonico is recruited from jazz experienced instrumentalists and improvisation experienced folk musicians, and thus do interpretation and improvisation, tradition and experiment come equally into their right with Yannatou as they seldom do. Even if not in one and the same song.

Moreover does the program divide into two groups: here songs arranged with care by accordionist Kostas Vomvolos, interpreted comparatively “traditionally”, there collective improvisations on the basis of Greek folk songs. The first are enchanting, the latter are the sensation. A kind of “free style world music” with clear African sounds.
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